You show symptoms of Q fever?

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Have you been around in sheep and display your symptoms that could indicated the q-fever? Have your studies because such symptoms to know; You can get pretty sick of it.

Q fever is known to be an infectious disease. The infection can not be transmitted from human to human. The title of Q fever comes from Query fever as the cause of this disease was not known. The Coxiella burnettii bacterium is the cause of the fever. When an animal is infected with this bacterium then there is the possibility that these bacteria will be transferred to the person. You're not happy when you get infected with it.
 Where to find the bacterium?
 In the Netherlands, the bacteria predominantly spread by goats and sometimes also by sheep. The bacterium is mainly found in the amniotic fluid of an animal. Also, the bacterium can sit in manure, milk and urine. It is no problem for the bacterium to survive in the open air. A person with the bacteria ingest air can become contaminated. About half of the people has no physical problems and do not get sick as well.

 The symptoms of Q fever
 You want to know what now own the symptoms of Q fever are? Below is what you can expect. Increased body temperature, aching joints, heavy sweating and dry cough are symptoms that can occur. There are also people who remain very long tired. When the disease is stuffy and chest pain as well as possible. There may also be an inflammatory response in a lung. If you have problems with abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea inflammatory response in the liver to be entered.
 What to do when Q fever?
 In exceptional cases, Q fever can persist for several years. The patient is given antibiotics for two weeks as Q-fever has been detected. It is required that the antibiotic treatment is completed at all times. The patient may take an ibuprofen for pain. Within a half months recovering almost all the people of Q-fever. One can not get for years as they once Q-fever has encountered.