You want an aquarium: and then?

Nature ComedicBlade December 9, 2016 1 20
Delicious: an aquarium full of fish to nice to look at. Eventually then the decision and there will be an aquarium. But what now? Can you just decorate nicely with plants and stones and then doing beautiful fish in, or is there more to it?

What tank there?

It is important to consider what kind of aquarium there should be. The aquarium will be specially equipped for the kind you want to keep. If you want a so-called community tank, so an aquarium with many different species, it is important to ensure that the species can all live in a particular water composition. For example, no more freshwater and saltwater fish are held together in a community tank.
However, if you want an aquarium with fish from a particular group, then there are other features. In this kind of aquariums to keep people often like beautifully colored tropical fish. Keep in mind that these fish are relatively expensive. The beauty of an aquarium again that the natural lifestyle of the species can be better simulated, because the aquarium very specialist can be arranged.

First steps

When you know what kind of fish it should be, you can go read more in the aquarium. The first important question is how are territorial fish. Here, to keep the size of the aquarium and the quantity of fish to be tuned to. Then you can go through all kinds of literature watching to see how the environment must come out. For example if you want to keep a species that likes to hide between rocks or plants, you will need to include this in the aquarium decoration. When you have chosen a community aquarium you need to find a compromise so that all types can be comfortable in the environment shoveled by you. When you find it difficult to decide how a community aquarium should look like, then you might be better off choosing a different species composition. Especially when you first buy an aquarium you can not make it hard to better yourself.


First, you need an aquarium, but a filter is also indispensable. There are several types and sizes of filters, which you can ask for advice in the store. For the plants light is an important factor. However, too much of, because nobody is waiting for an aquarium wall full of algae. However, sometimes it can be handy to buy his aquarium lighting. Depending on the species kept, you may need to purchase its heating. There also sit some money in the aquarium decoration. You can think of a wall plate, cover, water plants and other decorations. Finally, there are of course still the water and the fish themselves.


Decorating can be fun. The kind you want to keep certain requirements, but there are many roads to Rome. You can see a lot of creativity and personal taste lost. As for materials is to ask the wise advice in the store.

Demands on the water

Each species makes demands on the water in which he lives. Take this into account is vital for your fish. In some species must pH and hardness of the water strongly in the holes and are kept up to date. Usually, a neutral pH and a hardness of 6 to 14 ° DHH fine. Tap water does not meet these requirements !!