Your baby's nails; Cutting or filing, toes and fingers?

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When your baby's birth, the hands are so small and vulnerable. The nails are so soft. Baby Nails need different care than adults. And as your children get older there are other issues around nails that are potentially stabbing, such as ingrown nails. It's nice to know how to put it to can go, what materials you need and how you could avoid it if necessary.

You need something with baby nails?

Yes! Your baby's nails are or softer and more flexible than yours, but make no mistake, they are sharp! A newborn baby has little control over his limbs and can be easily / her own or scratch your face. Small nails grow so fast that they sometimes have to cut several times a week. For toenails are less frequent pattern.

How to cut your baby's nails?

A good time to cut baby nails is when the baby sleeps. Another good time is when the baby has just been in bath, the nails are namely their least.
Make sure you have enough light to see what you're doing. Use a nail clipper suitable for baby nails. Push the finger tip epweg to avoid getting cut with a piece of skin. And holding the hand of your baby securely while you cut.
Cut fingernails along the curve of the nail and trim toenails straight across. And use a file to smooth the rough edges.
Doctors recommend that in the first weeks, only a file and no nail scissors. Because the nails of the baby in the beginning be very very soft and because new parents are more likely to cut into the skin of the baby.
If you decide to cut the nails of your baby while he / she is awake, ask your partner to hold your baby, so she can not move too much while you cut. Or let anyone distract your child, so that the hands remain still to be cut and sold at auction.
Some parents of their child biting the nails in shape, but this way there would be oral bacteria in a wound may possibly come on the finger of your child. You can not see very well what you're doing. And compared to the nails of your baby are your teeth very coarse.


Do not be too hard on yourself if you do accidentally cut a piece of skin. It happens to everyone of us have one time. Wash the finger with cold running water, then hold a gauze on the wound and apply a little pressure. The bleeding usually stops after a few minutes.
Resist the temptation to try a patch to make your baby finger. That patch will probably wonder if the finger in his mouth goes and he / she could choke herein.
Also, liquid bandages are discouraged as babies or toddlers suck it off anyway.
If your child has a wound that does not stop bleeding, it is wise to visit a doctor.

How do I recognize an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a nail that presses grows on or in the skin. The problem can occur in any toe, but the big toe is the one that suffers the most. Typically the first signs: redness, swelling of the skin that light at the end of the nail. The foot of your child will be sensitive and potentially quite painful, especially if there is rubbed along a shoe or a sock. Your child may also cry when you sit on his foot or a toe. When he is old enough to walk around, you will see that they limp or pull a face painful when walking.
If a toenail becomes infected, you will see emerge a blister with white or yellowish liquid inside. Surrounded by a Red skin. If you break bladder, there may be some relief. The swelling or redness may increase as the nail grows.

How do I treat an ingrown toenail?

Soak the foot of your baby in warm water with a little soapy water for about ten minutes, two or three times a day. Most babies find it wonderful to splash their feet in the water, so theoretically if not too much trouble having cost to convince your child of the benefit / pleasure. Dry the foot and spread there after a cream or ointment that can be obtained from the drugstore.
You can try to auction the nail gently away from the skin, if it works, do you use your fingernails to lift the foot gently nail and a piece of sterile cotton or gauze to do in between. Use a small amount, but enough to give the nail a little lift. Replace it several times a day. If your baby does not want to sit still for this, you can always try the evening.
If you think that the ingrown toenail of your child it really bothers you, would you give him a mild paracetamol. Never give your child aspirin, which can trigger Reye's syndrome. And if your child is younger than three months, talk with your doctor before you even give your child something.
Have your child wear loose shoes or sandals until the toe is healed. And let him walk home barefoot nice. In many cases, within a few days on the right side as you take these steps.

Causes of ingrown toenails

There are several reasons for this for an ingrown toenails, whose long nails is one. But it can also sense that the nail has a certain curvature, making it more susceptible to grow. Foot Injury can also cause a toenail grows wrong. But wearing shoes or socks that are too tight can be a culprit.

How to avoid?

The proper way to cut the nails and the care of shoes and socks that fit properly are the best options to gamble on. With this culprits from the cleared away, the risk of an ingrown English considerably smaller.
Preferably use a nail scissors instead of a regular scissors. Cut toenails straight across and NOT in a circular shape. Otherwise, it is likely that the sides to grow into the skin. Cut the nails before they become too long, causing them to break or tear out of themselves. But do not cut the nails too short, late always be a white edge and file it nageltje so there are no sharp edges to sit. If your baby resists the nail clippers, do it when he sleeps. As little feet grow so rapidly, it is important to regularly check the shoe size of your child is still valid. Shoes that are too tight, especially at the front the cause may constitute an ingrown toenail. Even tight socks can penetrate the nail to grow in.

When to see a doctor?

If an ingrown nail after a week of improved home treatment, then you should visit your GP. Call the doctor sooner if the skin seems to become infected, if the redness is increasing dramatically, if pus comes out, or if the redness also seems to be in the toe.
If an infection around the nail is, the doctor will likely prescribe an antibiotic. It may be that the doctor is the entire nail or a portion must be cut away from the skin. If the problem is severe, the doctor may refer you to a pediatric podiatrist.