Your car sales on internet

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If you want to sell your own car, for example because you are going to lease a car ride or for any other reason, than selling over the internet is a very good option. In this article we will not get into the situation where you trade the car from a dealer when purchasing a different car. With the Internet you have the world at your fingertips: How do you now drive the attention? There are many situations to think why you would want to get rid of your car. Most common is when you need to sell your own car because you get a company car of your boss. Your trusty, well-maintained car would you like to sell, and there will of course you still get a nice amount.


Of course you can always opt for the opportunity to sell through a distributor or dealer in your neighborhood car. There are retailers who want to sell your car or from their premises, showroom or through their media channels. On disposal, they will charge a portion of the sale price for costs incurred. You can also directly sell the car to the dealership or car dealer in your area. Please note that use of a dealer, or direct sale to a car dealer always cost you money. For them it is pure commerce.
Most likely you will make more money if you sit on the seat of the seller. Where you used to be dependent on a note on your window, or from the local newspapers where you could put in an advertisement, you have now a much more powerful medium available to you: the Internet.
On the internet there are numerous sites where you can sell your car. In the table below you will find a selection from this offer. In addition, there are many sites of merchants. Enter once again "car sales" in Google.

First, look also look around for similar cars like yours so you somewhat know what a reasonable asking price. If you can find these cars themselves on the Internet, then anyone can. So if your car is in the same list, but with a much higher asking price, then you will not receive much response. Price your car more succinctly on. Make a list of the options that really matter. And leave out what is not interesting. Uploading a photo is highly preferred. A picture says more often than text. Any damage can be reported, but be careful. Often, user notification of damage sufficient. When concrete interest from a potential buyer can go still deeper into details. Allow at least no people come along, get to see quite a damaged car, without having had prepared them here. This can lead to unpleasant situations.

Replies to your ad

If you take the car up for sale on the Internet, of course, there will also be responses. Since it is also you to do. You will notice that there will respond immediately car dealers. They come with the offer financial considerably lower than your asking price. Conversely, they have put the offer to have someone come along immediately to pick up the car comes and settles in cash.
Another category buyers are of course individuals. The advantage of selling to individuals is that your story about the car can lose the potential buyer: you've obviously always taken good care there, he has been much inside, you're a very smart driver. A trader is not interested in this story. A good sales pitch can have many positive effects on the price you ask for the car. Not for nothing are terms like: very well maintained, have been as good as new, from an old woman, widely used in ad text.
A private buyer will have more time and energy from you as a seller to: there will be tours, test drives to be made, and not always the first viewer as the buyer of the car. That means multiple viewers, and thus even more time and energy. Do not you feel like it, then at least consider the merchant.

Tips for sightseeing

Of course you can give a good turn the appearance of the car: drive once through the car wash, aspirate the car from the inside well. The first impression is always positive. Also under the hood: remove leaves and other dirt away. Also check for traces of spilled oil or other issues are visible and remove it with a cloth. Buyers are not always fond of all kinds of non-standard accessories for a car. Think of spoilers, side skirts, etc. This is sensitive and personal taste. Find also all invoices and papers together. At National Car Pass you can get a printout request for mileage. This can also give it to potential buyers, so that it knows that the state is original.


Sell ​​your vehicle to an RDW-approved car company that is authorized to issue a PRA, you will receive from that company the indemnity certificate. This can even be on location or at your home when you pick up the car comes on. An approved plant can be recognized by the RDW recognition shield. Before the transfer, the employee requires your full registration Vehicle Certificate, Proof ascription and the Transfer Certificate. Also, you must submit a valid ID. If the purchaser is an individual, a corporation or an RDW-approved organization, you will have to transfer to a PostNL office. It is important to make sure that the car is no longer in your name. The fines for traffic violations will be different in your name keep coming in. You will also have to pay, and even after your money should the new owner of the car. Especially if it is a stranger, it can be very tricky.