Zebrasoma flavescens - Yellow tang

Nature SIZUNO August 8, 2016 0 0
The yellow tang is a striking fish. Not only because of his color, but also because of his active swimming behavior. His beautiful color and algae diet made him a popular fish in the tropical aquarium.
  • Scientific name: Zebrasoma flavescens
  • Dutch name: Yellow doctor, yellow zeilvindokter
  • Family: Acanthuridae
  • Gender: Zebrasoma
  • Origin: Pacific
  • Discovered: Bennet, 1828

Maximum length

This fish is 20-22 cm.

Minimum aquarium size

As an absolute minimum value 285 liters, but bigger is better!

Water temperature

23-26 degrees Celcius


The yellow tang is an algae eater. He must get food varied, but the majority should consist of vegetables. There are available many feeders where spirulina is in. This feed is ideal. Furthermore, these fish like to eat all kinds of vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, and seaweed leaves. If there are enough algae in the aquarium, it is important to provide the fish every day of greens.

Enjoyed Type

This fish is usually held solitary, but a group of these fish can also be successful. A large aquarium is also necessary and all members of the group must be placed at the same time. The aquarium should be considerably greater than the above minimum size! In nature, these fish usually in schools, it is striking that they keep themselves well away. Hence, school education is more successful in a larger aquarium.

Shelf life

Yellow doctor is relatively easy maintainable. It is important to pay attention to nutrition. When the fish loses weight or when its color fades, the feeding regime should be adjusted. This fish goes well with invertebrates. Very occasionally it occurs that it meets the polyps lps corals and leather corals is.


This fish is often used to control the growth of algae in the aquarium and keep. Once he is settled in the aquarium, the fish can be marked by aggressive behavior. The fish should only be introduced if the aquarium is fully ripe, when there are all natural algae is present.