Zwitserleven: savings account with high interest rate

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Zwitserleven offers a high interest rate on a new savings account from 1.35% in 2015, higher than the three big banks. Did you know Zwitserleven only the familiar feeling, annuity and retirement, and you get little interest from your bank, then it is definitely worth saving Zwitserleven to investigate.

New savings account at Zwitserleven

The savings rate is currently so high at most banks, but there are actually banks that offer more interest than others. Safe banks, of course, because the minimum requirement anyway is that a bank under the deposit guarantee scheme of the Dutch bank must fall. Thus, at least 100,000 of your savings guaranteed to be called safe. For most of us that is enough guarantee and those who have more power, can safely save by spreading their savings over several banks. Swiss Life now offers savings accounts and does so through the Zwitserleven sofa, a trade name of the SNS bank. SNS Bank is not only a state bank, but also covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

I save at Zwitserleven Bank and SNS bank

Who saves at both banks, but once the guarantee to 100,000 euros per person, because both banks under the same banking license, but what guarantee do you have: both banks are part of the Dutch State. Do you save all the SNS bank, there is no immediate reason to switch. Saves you the high savings rate then at another bank you might be luring to open a savings account at the Zwitserleven bank.

Which savings account at Swiss Life?

At Zwitserleven, you save in three ways:
  • Save Internet;
  • Monthly Savings;
  • Open a savings deposit.

If you choose to save the internet savings account, your money is always freely available and you can deposit and withdraw whenever you want. Red can not stand, but otherwise there are no conditions that limit your savings behavior. No compulsory deposits or withdrawals, but a variable rate. The interest rate is 1.25% and is in the top of the savings market. The interest you receive in January.
Monthly Savings has the obligation of every month between ?? And 100 ?? 1000 to save and gives a higher interest rate of 1.35%. If you have a few months to save less, which is possible in consultation with the bank and high one-time deposit is also allowed. The interest is credited in January.
Deposits can save only for a period of 10 years at 1.85% fixed savings. Characteristic of a savings in general is that you can not get at your money during the term. If you choose to save for deposit, but you must be sure that you do not need short term money. At Zwitserleven it is possible to record the savings earlier, but that costs money. The bank charges 1.25% per year and it is not filled up to a maximum of 4.5%. If you takes your deposit terminates within one year, it can also net interest because the penalty is greater than the savings you accrue, but after about two years, this balance is to prematurely cancel positive. Leave your money for ten years, you will receive every year 1.8% savings rate.

Savings at SNS bank

The differences are saving on SNS bank itself is not that big, but they are there, state by January 1, 2015:
The choice is whether what is for you. The interest in the big banks is at least in most cases much lower.