The best investment you can make today

When it comes to investments, certainly the first thing that comes to mind is the financial market. The risks, the doubt about the return, the possibility of profit, and the golden question: what is the best investment to make today?

It would be amazing if there was a step-by-step path towards the future you desire. The truth is that coming up with a recipe that works for everything and everyone is a somewhat difficult task – not to mention impossible.

Investing seems such a risky terrain to explore that hearing the opinion of experts who work with investments in practice may be the safest way forward. And today, the biggest investor in the world, even considered an investment guru, is Warren Buffett.

No wonder Buffett has been asked our golden question countless times. And, in an interview with Forbes magazine, the answer finally came out, in the most unexpected way possible.

If you expected to hear him talk about variable income, stock portfolio, or even name names of big companies to invest in, be prepared for a surprise. Unlike what many people expected, Buffett said that the best investment you can make is in yourself.

But how can you invest in yourself? In this article, we’ll explain what Buffett meant and what you can do to make the best investment you can make today.

Safe and profitable investment

Unlike what we are used to hearing, investing is more than buying bonds and stocks in the financial market, and Warren Buffett’s speech opened our eyes to that.

And the investor completed his answer: “ No one can take what you have inside yourself. If you increase your potential by 10%, 20%, or 30% by improving your talents, you won’t be able to tax it. Inflation cannot take that away from you. You will have it for the rest of your life ”.

Investing is an action you do today aiming at a future objective

Investing in yourself is the safest and most profitable investment you can make. Nobody knows this “title” better than you, so you can see potential opportunities, establish the most strategic stages of the investment and, in this way, ensure a positive and lasting return.

And if you have doubts that investing in its development can bring the best results, Buffett is there to prove it’s possible.

When young, the investor faced the fears and apprehensions of those who have problems with public speaking. After all, this is one of the most common fears among people: public speaking causes more fear than death itself, according to a survey carried out in England.

To overcome this hurdle, he invested $100 in a public speaking course. Interestingly, halfway through the course, feeling confident with the skill he had developed, he asked his wife to marry him.

In addition to his personal life, his career has also benefited from the new skill. Buffett was able to sell shares at the beginning of his professional career, in addition to developing his career in the financial and business world.

An investment in himself that guaranteed turning points in his personal and professional life.

The first (and most important) career step

The public speaking course meant a lot to Buffett. On the wall of his office at Berkshire Hathaway, his investment firm, is his certificate from his public speaking course.

That’s because Buffett truly believes his career as an investor was enhanced by his public speaking skills.

And look at what this represented in numbers: the $100 invested in the public speaking course was instrumental in Warren Buffett became one of the world’s biggest investors and, by 2019, having a fortune of $82.5 billion.

More than ever, you need to accelerate your development

The world is increasingly fast-paced, the job market is looking for professionals in exponential growth, who will be responsible for more immediate and significant results.

To stand out and go further, investing in your own development is the legitimate application of Buffett’s philosophy. It is by investing in your education and developing your skills that you will achieve great results.

So you need to know how and where to invest – Warren Buffett says the risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. By putting your time and money into courses and qualifications, you expect future returns. And this is the type of investment necessary for you to reach your goals and with the advantage of having low risk.

You take it one step at a time until you look back and see how each little action was worth it.

Development is transformative

When we invest in our development, we are honing our talents and abilities. This is what will directly impact your personal and professional growth.

Also, the way you relate to the world can change – and improve. Therefore, development needs to be one of your top priorities – when you develop, you improve personally and professionally.

This is our challenge here at Conquer. We want people to have their lives transformed by education and that these changes generate real results in their lives and the world.

We believe that you are the one who writes your story and is the protagonist of your future. And, in this process of building your tomorrow today, investing in yourself is always the best option.

It is necessary to learn, relearn, invent, innovate and grow. You have to be willing to invest in your future. And for that, we’ll help you!

When in doubt, we do. And, today, we want to invite you to make your future happen together with us.

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