What you learn in Conquer’s public speaking course

Speak in public. 

If reading this sentence instantly makes you shiver, speeds up your heart, and makes your body completely nervous, know that you are not the only person to have this reaction: fear of public speaking is shared by many people.

Not by chance, a survey carried out in England found that people are more afraid of public speaking than of death itself. That’s because speaking in public or performing has a time and date set.

Communicating in a clearassertive, and engaging way is always a challenge. And as natural as it may seem to some people, the skill of public speaking can and should be developed by all professionals.

In this article, you will understand how it is possible to know techniques that can help (a lot!) your public speaking. Check out!

Which professionals need good public speaking?

Public speaking is the ability to speak well in public, applying techniques that enhance the way information is conveyed. Being able to convey information in an original, clear, and memorable way is, without a doubt, an important skill for your professional growth.

The truth is that there are good professionals who, despite having obvious technical skills, end up having difficulty in taking a position in meetings, presenting and defending their ideas, controlling nervousness in job interviews, among many other situations.

This shows that the lack of mastery of oratory is noticed precisely in decisive moments when you need to behave like a professional of excellence.

Therefore, all those professionals who wish to stand out in the job market and accelerate their careers should seek and develop their public speaking skills. The good news is that anyone can practice speaking skills and excel professionally.

And you want to be one of those professionals, don’t you?

How a public speaking course can help

In a public speaking course, you will master the essential tools and techniques of good communication. Once you know your strengths and points to be developed, you will know how to work them one by one through a lot of training and hands-on work.

At Conquer, in the Courage course, in addition to understanding everything about the steps before, during, and after a presentation, you learn to work all the techniques of oratory using a hands-on methodology, with practical dynamics and presentations in every class.

This learning is important even if you don’t give constant presentations in your work. After all, you are living with people daily and, therefore, knowing how to present your ideas well and transmit information clearly and persuasively is essential. In the Conquer public speaking course, you will learn tips on how to do this in any environment.

What will you learn in a public speaking course?

During the classes, you will learn conceptstoolstips, and techniques to apply in your daily life and improve your public speaking.

At Conquer, you’ll learn to control your nervousness, measure your nervousness and take control of the situation. That way, he won’t cease to exist, but you will control him and prevent him from harming you by giving a presentation.

In addition, you will develop your body awareness and understand how it can help you to speak in public. Throughout the course, you will also recognize the importance of good posture, your voicefacial expressionsgestures, and movements, your breathing, the content and storytelling of a presentation, as well as techniques to ensure assertive communication.

Do you want to develop your oratory and learn techniques for speaking in public with confidence and naturalness? Here you can check the modules and contents covered in the Courage da Conquer course :

Module 01:: Body Awareness and Courage

Learn techniques to control nervousness and convey security when speaking in public, and learn how to develop the essential pillars for good public speaking.

Module 02:: Body language and tuning

Learn to tune in to your audience by developing body language techniques: good posture, consistent gestures, and facial expressions, in addition to assertive movements.

Module 03:: Voice

Learn to master your voice, get the rhythm right and bring naturalness to your speech, earning your audience’s attention and trust.

Module 04:: Storytelling

Learn about storytelling techniques, the art of storytelling, and understand how to apply them in your presentations. To create high-impact presentations, learn to create PPTs and use Conquer’s 3×4 methodology.

Module 05:: Assertive Communication

Learn how to communicate assertively, bringing more objectivity and clarity through the power of synthesis, in addition to developing your active and empathetic listening.

Module 06:: Final Challenge and Oratory

At the end of the course, you will be surprised by the challenge that will take you out of your comfort zone in a relaxed way and, of course, with a lot of learning.

Conquer Public Speaking Course 

If you want to communicate your ideas with more confidence and assertiveness, knowing the best techniques for speaking well in public, controlling nervousness, and giving high-impact presentations with remarkable storytelling, check out the Courage da Conquer course.

In 6 weeks of the course, you will learn from leading professors how to speak publicly with confidence and naturalness, ensuring more assertive communication and thus being able to stand out professionally.

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